For buildings and offices

Detection systems for buildings and offices

Detection and alarm systems of fire starting – addressable are recognized for their quality, versatility and design optimistic. Their field of use covers a broad spectrum being used for office buildings, hotels, museums, banks, production halls.

Using the technology „in a loop” allows the operation in a series of extreme situations such as stopping cables, sensors detect pollutants (dust particles in polluted atmosphere). The system signals these situations, but remains fully functional.

Used software packages allow the entire system configuration with data on the number of zones, number and type of sensors, working „day and night”..

You can create automated software programs to control the ventilation systems, smoke hatches commands, bringing the first floor elevators in case of fire, fireproof door locks with different timing options depending on the type of the event actions.

Photoelectric smoke detectors and addressable temperature have the received signal with dynamic filtering to eliminate false positives detection , the circuit state pollution detector, selectable sensitivity, integrated circuit isolation in event of failure (loop continuity is not affected).

Linear detectors fire (fire barrier) – can be reflective or transceiver.

UV flame detectors and IR spectrum – for deposits of hydrocarbons are constituted in explosion technology.


Early warning systems being always active and monitoring the site where they are fitted, should provide a rapid and efficient detection, so that there is time to human intervention or automatic be very short.

The equipment for alarm first for fire provides enhanced protection to all buildings while signaling the beginning of any fire or gas leak.

The detection and alarm systems at first of fire , addressable and conventional are approved in Romania

  • the Operation Panel permanently displays in Romanian language the system events and status detectors.
  • the detectors and buttons have dynamic filtering and digital processing of the received signal for eliminating the false alarms autodetection circuit of the state of pollution, sensitivity adjustable, integrated circuit isolation in event of failure (loop continuity is not affected).
  • wirelless smoke detectors with battery that can be installed in buildings with great architecture that would allow a conventional wiring.
  • smoke barrier infrared beam to monitor large areas with high altitudes.
  • System sirens are monitored constantly checking the state of operation.
  • the batteries in the system ensure its autonomy for at least 72 hours.