For extinguishing systems

Detection center for systems with more than one area of extinguishing

For the control and driving the state extinguishing systems, there are used centrals of detection with 2 or more detection zones. The centrals are interconnected with the temperature detectors and / or smoke. The detector central is programmed so that, for example, for a central with 2 zones, at the entrance of the detector alarm from zone 1 is activated the sound and light warning system, but without being triggered off. When the detector enters in Zone 2 also he enters in a state of alarm, depending on the delay time programmed for its triggering off automatically after the preset time interval (0-60 seconds maximum). The detection systems are equipped with warning light panels regarding the extinguishing from the protected room, a manually button of shuting off , sthutting off button for (late) extinction. Additional devices can be installed and additional modules (sms or phone alarm mode, etc). Detection are used for the following extinguishing systems:

  • CO2 extinguishing systems under pressure, where lives may be endangered;
  • inert gas extinguishing systems or argon, where lives may be endangered;
  • water extinguishing systems, both as a spray and vapor form (water mist);
  • Pre-activated sprinkler systems;
  • sprinkler systems;
  • extinguishing systems with chemical agents.
  • Novec 1230 extinguishing systems

The detection stations are in accordance with the following standards: EN 54, EN 12094.