Pumps and pumping units

Pumps and pumping units

We provide you a wide range of pump units, among which are:

  • pumps and water pumps for water supply;
  • automated submersible pumps for wells;
  • special pumps for sewage and drainage;
  • pump units with variable speed;
  • pumps.


Because of the use of advanced technologies using these pumps can lead to a reduction in energy consumption up to 40-50%.



  • Water supply for residential districts, hotels and factories
  • Usergroups pumping for installations of interior or exterior with sprinklers and hydrants
  • Water supply for irrigation
  • Water supply requiring constant pressure (pumping speed groups comments)

We can deliver the pumping units with 2.3 or 4 horizontal or vertical pumps with the following features:

  • Control: via a pressure switch or pressure transducer
  • Speed: constant or continuously variable transmission via a frequency converter
  • delayed or coupling membrane vessels to reduce no. stop-start driving
  • motor pumps with or without heat
  • electric pump with or without pilot

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